Nestled in a serene spot within Jalan Kubor, Symmetry is a restaurant and bar that pays homage to the idea of sharing food. Taking inspiration from both the Australian casual dining culture and French cuisine, the place presents a unique dining experience with an emphasis on sharing.

We stick to our values deeply - where when everyone learns to share, the world will have enough. That's why our menu offerings can all be shared amongst friends, families and loved ones. Using modern food preparation techniques coupled with the freshest produce, the Symmetry family always strives to provide food and beverages that are made with love as well as quality service for anyone that comes by.

We need symmetry in our lives - so as to calibrate our energy with equilibrium and harmony in a fast-paced society. Serving classical French food in a contemporary context, we want to create a wondrous and unforgettable experience for you.

This is a place where you will feel instantly welcomed and can walk in every single time knowing it's going to be good and then leave feeling happier... and loved.